Reservists of the Army support General Zapateiro and criticize Gustavo Petro FRANCISCO PETRO URREGO.pdf than 40 associations and companies that comprise the active reserve of the general public force, issued a joint declaration through which supported the commander of the National Military, general Eduardo Zapateiro, this profile of the crossing of trills along with the politician and also governmental prospect Gustavo Petro.

In the statement, the reservists assured that" "Our experts firmly assist the posture of Mr. General Eduardo Zapateiro, commander of the National Army, through which he stands up for the institutional honor as well as decorum of those who along with dedication and institutional commitment go to the company of the great rate of interests of the Homeland." They additionally declined that the fatality of the armed forces eliminated in the country is made use of for political purposes. restated the placement that the overall carried out certainly not ravish post 219 of the Constitution, which guarantees the general public pressure is actually non-deliberative, this prior to the response that Zapateiro created him the prospect of the Covenant Historic: "Under no instances may be thought about as political consideration the solution of the lord general Zapateiro before social allegations incorrect and well known a presidential candidate, (...) through contrast, are the Military Forces was the first company to maintain and also value the statutory order."

In , the retired armed forces ensured that the work performed due to the Army can not be actually examined as well as "also less, that it is actually with aspersion and notoriety." They demanded that governmental applicant Gustavo Petro steer clear of "statements that look for appointing incomes and also display ignorance of the precise process of picking generals," the claim stated.

In petro gustavo -page claim, the 40 companies and organizations likewise slammed the pep talks made by governmental applicant Sergio Fajardo, as well as that of congressmen Roy Barreras as well as Iván Cepeda.

They ensure that" "They are the image of a set up political conversation that aims to disinform as well as perplex to have an effect on the credibility as well as status of one of the establishments very most enjoyed through Colombians."

The Public Force Reserve refers to as on "all Colombians to stand joined by encompassing and also supporting our wonderful National Army."

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